Best Education Instagram Accounts to Inspire Learning!

Best Education Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2023

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Instagram is more than just a platform for sharing photos and videos; it has become a vast resource for education. Educational influencers, teachers, and institutions have taken to Instagram to share valuable information, tutorials, interactive content, and insights that benefit students, educators, and anyone with a hunger for knowledge. In this blog post, we’ll highlight the best education Instagram accounts that are making a real difference in the digital learning landscape.

Top Education Instagram Accounts for Diverse Learning

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Instagram Account Focus Area Followers (Approx.)
@TheEduCal Innovative Classroom Ideas 50K
@GrammarUpdates English Language Learning 85K
@Science.Daily Science and Research 120K

Each of these accounts brings a unique perspective to education, offering creative content that can be both instructional and engaging.

Why You Should Follow Educational Instagram Accounts

  • Stay Informed: Keep up with the latest educational trends, research, and resources.
  • Constant Learning: Educational accounts often post trivia, quick facts, and tutorials that help with on-the-go learning.
  • Resource Sharing: Many educators use Instagram to share free resources like PDFs, e-books, and other learning materials.
  • Community Building: Engage with a community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about learning.

Detailed Look at Selected Educational Instagram Accounts


@TheEduCal stands out with its vibrant posts that include lesson plans, creative classroom setups, and project ideas. This account is a treasure trove for teachers seeking inspiration and students who thrive in visually-led environments.


If English isn’t your first language, or if you simply want to brush up on your grammatical knowledge, @GrammarUpdates is a must-follow. With regular posts about common mistakes and tips for proper usage, it’s like having a pocket-sized grammar guide.


For those with a keen interest in science and new research, @Science.Daily provides an array of content from quick informational graphics to deep-dives into recent studies. It’s perfect for staying up to date with the scientific community.

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How to Benefit the Most from Education Instagram Accounts

  1. Engage Actively: Don’t just scroll passively, engage with the content by liking, commenting, and sharing posts.
  2. Apply the Knowledge: Try to implement tips and strategies you learn from these accounts into your own study or teaching methods.
  3. Network: Use these platforms to connect with educators and fellow learners to expand your educational network.
  4. Share Your Progress: Post about your own educational journey and include how these accounts have influenced you.

Frequently Asked Questions For Best Education Instagram Accounts To Inspire Learning!

Who Tops The List Of Education Influencers On Instagram?

Leading the pack on Instagram for education is @TEDeducation, known for sharing inspiring, informative content from the global TED community.

What Content Do Education Accounts Post?

Educational Instagram accounts typically share motivational quotes, teaching tips, student success stories, and interactive learning materials.

How Often Should Education Accounts Post?

Optimal posting frequency for education accounts is 3-5 times per week, which helps maintain engagement without overwhelming followers.

Can Teachers Benefit From Educational Instagram Accounts?

Absolutely. Teachers can find new resources, connect with a supportive community, and gain inspiration from educational accounts on Instagram.


Following the best education Instagram accounts is more than a passive experience; it’s an active pursuit of knowledge and community building in an ever-evolving digital age. Whether you’re a teacher looking for fresh ideas, a student seeking study tips, or a curious mind eager to learn something new every day, Instagram has become a hub for educational content. So, don’t wait—start following these accounts today and enrich your learning experience!

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